“TU” ROOM Thermostat

The new “TU” thermostat features a host of functions which are increasingly requested for climate control systems. It is precise, easy to use, easy to install, centralised and can be interfaced with domotic systems.

Aernova’s room thermostats are in a class of their own on the market and its latest innovation stems from continual developments to the well-known “Variomatic” continual regulation system.

The “TU” thermostat is available in 4 versions with different wall modules:

  • TU01 digital wall version: manual/automatic digital model with back-lit display and four buttons, to install in a 503 box
  • TU02 digital outdoor version: : manual/automatic digital outdoor model (box thickness 16 mm), with display and four buttons
  • TU03 analog wall version: automatic model which takes up the same space as a cover on the plates of leading manufacturers; with knob to adjust room temperature and 2 buttons
  • TU04 analog wall version: manual model which takes up the same space as two covers on the plates of leading manufacturers; with two knobs to adjust room temperature and air flow rate and 2 buttons.

The “TU” thermostat has an exclusive function of switching from automatic to manual mode, by a simple programming step:

  • TU01, TU02, TU03 automatic: the “Variomatic System” continually compares the temperature recorded by the sensor against the set temperature and automatically regulates air flow rate, proportionally adjusting the rate of the unit to keep room temperature as constant as possible, preventing sudden changes in hot and cold air and humidity levels which occur with conventional systems.
  • TU01, TU02, TU04 manual: with the manual air flow rate regulation system, the user sets the air flow rate (using the buttons on the TU01 and TU02 thermostats, and the knob on the TU04 thermostat).

With the TU01 and TU02 versions, all settings can be configured and the control module programmed by simply using the four buttons with operations immediately displayed.

A sensor protrudes from the module to quickly and continually obtain maximum precision readings of room temperature for all versions.

Technical operating specifications. Electronic board installed and wired on the fan coil unit:

  • power supply with 220V\1F+N+t\50Hz mains voltage as standard
  • a 2 wire, 0.5 mm2 minimum section twisted cable, maximum length 50 m, is used for the thermostat/board low voltage connection.

Module installation approximately 1.5 m from the floor is recommended.

Main functions:

  • can operate up to 3 fan coil units in parallel with one board
  • 3 clean contacts to operate the solenoid valves or zone pumps
  • automatic/manual air flow rate configuration
  • hot water battery minimum temperature thermostat (usually enabled)
  • cold water battery maximum temperature thermostat (can be enabled)
  • thermostat system centralised supervision programme
  • centralised or remote-operated summer/winter changeover or off function
  • 4-pipe system management
  • combined floor – fan coil unit operation
  • remote low voltage on-off function (e.g. open window block, clock, etc.)
  • “user in room” control (this function is normally used in hotels. When clients leave a room, via a badge control clean contact, the thermostat changes the temperature by 2° for energy saving, then restores it to the set value when the client returns to the room)
  • room sensor remote control
  • 0-10 Volt cc output proportional to the air flow rate to control other fan coil units with external control units that operate with a 0-10 Volt input signal
  • timer with 2, 10-minute step, daily adjustments (if the optional RTC timer board is installed)
  • night-time temperature decrease timer (if the optional RTC timer board is installed).

The following functions are also supplied as standard:

  • Soft Start: the unit always starts at the minimum speed, in automatic mode.
  • Automatic reset: if there is a power failure, current thermostat operations are automatically reset when power returns. The thermostat will automatically start to operate with the latest settings.

All thermostats are supplied with screen printing on plastic available in white, grey and anthracite black, as well as other colours on request.