• Aernova
    Creates your perfect microclimate
    Best quality since 1973

  • Consulting and custom
    Tailored for you

  • DOMUS the new fan coil unit
    wood veneered finishing panel

  • Fan coil unit SP version
    built-in subfloor version
  • Large air-conditioning systems
    Chillers and heat pumps


Aernova manufactures a wide range of products for the modern home, for systems in historical buildings and for use in businesses and industry. It provides integrated management for climate control at the technological forefront in Europe, offering stylish solutions with Italian flair. Aernova is recognised as a versatile company, able to develop equipment to meet individual customer needs.


Before and after sales

A before and after sales service to assist the User with products and different plant engineering methodologies.

Transport and assembly

A transport and assembly service for products, using company equipment, which includes start up.

Airect technical assistance

A direct technical assistance service, to provide routine maintenance and a quick repair service in the case of faults. A remote control service for continual monitoring and surveillance of system operation.

Aernova also promotes social activities. It sponsors cultural and sporting events and is involved in other occasions. Though this is not simply done for charity, but reflects the company’s social awareness through which it demonstrates its continual growth and ethical values. The company pays special attention to students of technical colleges, training to become heating, refrigerating and air conditioning engineers, updating them on recent methodologies and technologies used.


Aernova is based in the heart of the Veneto region, an area boasting one of the highest concentrations of works of art and artistic products, and it is natural for the company’s technologies to have been developed for use in museums, for the world’s most reputable climate control systems. The confidence its most discerning clients - focussed on technical details as well as on design – have in Aernova, has led it to become a well-established partner for leading designers and firms.
The passion it puts into meeting clients’ needs, with a frank, dignified approach that does not promise the impossible, has made Aernova synonymous with reliability.
The art of doing a good job, just like the craftsmen of times gone by, has been the driving force in Aernova’s choice to not become a large industry, allowing it to continually create new projects and prototypes and set its sights on excellence.