The Aernova “TH” series digital thermostat is the evolution of the well-known “Variomatic System” designed thirty years ago and perfected over time, keeping pace with contemporary system requirements.

This new system was developed to satisfy and merge the temperature, humidity and underfloor heating control functions, in addition to the option of interfacing with home automation devices.

It can be recessed or mounted externally and is available in the following colours: white, black, aluminium grey or alternatively, with a chrome-plated steel frame finish.

The display is back-lit with four buttons on the sides which allows the settings to be easily changed, e.g. the temperature set point, the automatic or manual ventilation mode, summer-winter setting, humidity detection and setting with the option of managing the underfloor heating system together with the ventilation units.

The thermostat is connected to the board installed in the fan coil by a 2x0.5mm2 shielded bus cable; the board is the core of the system with fan coil control inputs/outputs. The main ones are the serial interface for managing the thermostat via modbus RTU protocol, modulated output for conventional induction motors, or “brushless” motors via a 0-10 V DC output signal, centralised summer/winter changeover, remote on-off or external contact (e.g. open window/timer), remote temperature probe, 3 dry contacts for solenoid valve activation, hot water, cold water, cold+hot water, minimum temperature probe, maximum temperature probe, user in room presence detection (for hotel badges).

The TH system consists of an electronic board (code H109) installed on the ventilation unit and a wall-mounted remote room thermostat, which can be installed in two ways:

  • RECESSED TH (thickness 8mm) for installation in box 503
  • EXTERNAL TH (thickness 20mm)

The H109 board is installed in the ventilation unit by AERNOVA. It is powered by a 230V 50 Hz current and acts as an interface between the TH thermostat and the various system components: fan, fan coil minimum/maximum probe, winter heating elements, under-floor heating system, shutters, pump activation consent, humidifiers and other remote control contacts.

The TH thermostat is normally installed at a height of 1.50 metres from the ground, in the central part of the room to be monitored, preferably on an internal wall that does not communicate with the outside, far from sources of heat or cooling in order to limit reading fluctuations caused by walls that are too hot or cold.

The thermostat is powered by a low current (5Vdc) via two-wire cable and interacts directly with the H109 board via a PLC digital signal. No batteries are required. The settings data are stored even in the event of a power outage.

If the power is cut off, the operations under way are automatically restored when the power comes back on. The thermostat will automatically start operating again with the last programmed settings.