ETHOS 006 the energy unit / ETHOS 007 the energy unit

With only one machine now you can create the ideal microclimate in your house.

Modern buildings designed for maximum reduction in energy requirements are air tightness and are unable to guarantee natural air exchange. The Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (VMC), allows to continuously control the air exchange of the internal air by acting directly on the comfort control independent of the external climatic conditions. The risks of indoor pollution are very high and harmful to human health, as recently described in a OMS report and described for many years in specialized literature. The application of the VMC Mechanical Ventilation Controlled, allows to solve the problems of the new buildings but at the same time it must contain the amount of thermal and electrical energy necessary to make the rooms comfortable.

Aernova has studied a complete solution that adapts perfectly to any climate and to people's new lifestyles. In particular, existing a big problem in modern super-insulated homes in summer climates where normally to cool and dehumidified they cool too much down the air-conditioned rooms, this does not happen with the Ethos system which has a specific dehumidification function without producing cold air and a intelligent manage of external air quantity.

With Ethos energy unit is possible:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Dehumidify
  • Humidify
  • Produce Hot Sanitary water (Ethos 006)
  • Change air room (free cooling-free heating)
  • Recirculating air room and recover the wasted energy (temperature and humidity recovery unit)
  • Filter the air entering in the bulding
  • Remove indoor pollution
  • Recirculate the ambient air to contain energy consumption and winter humidity if the building is not inhabited
Ethos energy unit use this high technologies:
  • Compressor inverter Brushless DC motor, very high efficiency
  • Heat recovery very high efficiency
  • Variable and continuos flow fan, with brushless DC technology
  • Continuous control and measurement of the quantity of treated air
  • Internal watertight air damper system
  • Customizable and easily accessible air filter system
Ethos energy unit is equipped with following devices:
  • Temperature and humidity probe
  • Temperature and Humidity external probe
  • Anti freeze sensor
  • Filter dirty sensor
  • Electronic management and remote control system with self-regulating software for simplified use by the user in any weather condition
What isn’t there Ethos energy unit:
  • Boiler
  • Heat pump
  • Stove and fireplace
  • Hot water production with electric boiler (Ethos 006)
  • external compressor unit (Ethos 006)