Attention to detail and sturdiness are the main construction features of the wide range of fan coil units manufactured by Aernova. The company’s long-standing experience in the climate control industry means it can produce super silent machines, with an outstanding, long-lasting performance.

Outdoorversions feature a sleek, clean style with soft lines - ideal for any setting.
Wall versions are perfect to free up space and avoid protruding parts from walls, whilst offering the utmost comfort.
Sub-floor versions take up little space and are carefully designed to make installation easy and guarantee a high, long-lasting performance.
False ceilingversions and in particular the VE multizone versions solve space problems in renovated property and other cases. The following should be specified for fan coil units:

  • the series (MINI, MAXI, SUPERMAXI)
  • the version (PR, IN, VE, ...)
  • the size (1,2,3,4,5,6)
  • the water connection, on the right or left side
  • the type of control, temperature control system
  • any non-standard changes - possible for all models.