Museum series, the VIVI MODEL

The systems used for the conservation of museum pieces etc. are climate control units designed and built using specific technologies for installation in museums and similar venues. The units feature particularly sophisticated components to fully meet the climate control conditions required to conserve works of art and provide a comfortable environment for visitors:

  • precise, quick and automatic control of room temperature
  • constant control of ambient humidity
  • control and elimination of main polluting agents
  • ultra silent in all operating modes
  • mechanical and electronic parts with a vandal-and tamper-proof construction
  • low electromagnetic and chemical emission components
  • easy to carry out routine and unscheduled maintenance
  • automatic autodiagnosis and monitoring for serial connections
  • low energy consumption with all operating modes.

To achieve these requirements, the Vivi models have been built as follows.
Bearing structure and panels in 100% strong extruded aluminium with adjustable vibration-proof feet.
Tangential, high pressure fan. Built with aluminium fan wheel and metal work, directly coupled with the single winding rotary stator electric motor, plus thermal protection.
Two coils with aluminium fins and expanded copper pipes, tested at a pressure of 30 atm, equipped with side air vents.
Condensate tray in two sections. The first collects condensate from the coil and is treated with mould-proof products. It is fitted with a low temperature heating element to dry the tray when the system is not working. The second, side section, collects condensate from the valves and humidifier. It is fitted with a Hall effect level sensor to stop the climate control unit if the water is not emptied.
Grilles in anodised aluminium with an inclined flow wing profile, individually assembled on vibration-proof Teflon bases. Available in any colour on request. The intake grille is assembled on hinges to rotate it and allow for the filters to be removed.
.The filter, with dirt sensor, comprises three sectors:

  • the first folded sector decreases head losses. This is an average efficiency filter to retain coarser dirt from the air, with metal frame on runners for easy removal
  • a second, high efficiency, folded filter, with electrostatic charge (disposable) to retain finer particles from the air
  • a third sector filter with impregnated activated charcoal to retain smells.

Humidifier. On/off ultrasonic humidifier with automatic control of all functions, with fill valve, blowdown valve, filter, amperometer, maximum level sensor, autodiagnosis, steam distributor, steam pipe and air filter condensate discharge pipe.
Modulating valves. An on/off balanced flow valve for cold water, and a proportional modulating valve for hot water.
Tilting sensor. Fitted as standard on all units, this prevents the climate control units turning on unless they are perfectly level, to protect the humidifier and condensate trays.
Control panel. Fitted on the unit, in a tamper-proof compartment, with large, dot-matrix display showing main operating parameters. Access for calibration may be without authorisation or password-protected. The panel fitted as standard can be remote controlled via cable.
Temperature regulation. This manages, controls and displays the status of all devices, sensors and actuators, indicating any anomalies and maintenance requests. Temperature regulation ensures the fully automatic control of temperature and humidity and is configured for centralised management with a network connection.

The MuseuM climate control unit is patented, patent no. PD2001U037.