Dal 1973 Aernova produce una vasta gamma di macchine e soluzioni integrate per la climatizzazione ambientale, prestando costante attenzione al risparmio energetico, all’utilizzo di energie rinnovabili, alla continua ricerca di soluzioni innovative e su misura. Aernova è garanzia di qualità e affidabilità.

For over 35 years Aernova has been manufacturing climate control systems with high performance products, featuring a cutting-edge design, super silent operation and the best components available on the market.

The diverse and extensive range of climate control systems and products, plus a professional before and after sales service advising on customised designs, ensure Aernova meets the needs of its most discerning customers.

The company’s quest for quality in response to competition means continual improvement and the pursuit of innovation, placing it near the top end of the market, thanks to a fully comprehensive use of Italian technology.

Aernova’s interest in technological innovation is combined with its passion for research into the world of design and a commitment to its local surroundings and ecological and environmental issues.


Aernova, with a staff of 50 people, is owned by the brothers Stefano, Bellarmino, Eugenio and Franco De Poli.

The company is managed and run directly by its partners. Bellarmino, the Managing Director, oversees the financial and business sides. Stefano is director of the large machines and after sales sector. Eugenio is director for the production of fan coil units and special ventilation units, while Franco is in charge of design, research and applications for special machines.

The company is growing steadily, with the development and distribution of new products and services geared to market needs and customer satisfaction.Production equipment is constantly modernised, with the aim of achieving an even quicker, leaner interface with customers. The company’s projects reflect the family brand, which can be summed up in two words: intuition and creativity.


In 1973, Carlo De Poli set up Fontaniva l’Idraulica De Poli snc, a company trading in material for hydraulic systems. The company later began to manufacture sand filters, air separators and convector heaters.

Towards the end of the 1970’s, Carlo De Poli, the founder of the company, with a far-sighted vision, came up with the idea of producing the first fan coil units along with water chillers and heat pumps - to provide technical support for customers trying out new applications in the air conditioning sector.

A firm belief in and positive feedback about the possible future climate control industry led Carlo De Poli to establish the company Aernova snc in 1982 - which was immediately acknowledged by the market.

From the very beginning continuous technological innovation was part of the business philosophy adopted by Carlo De Poli, impacting the major developments that would take place in years to come.

This led to the development of an original, fully automatic “variable flow rate” climate control system in 1986. The system was so successful, and in particular with heating, refrigerating and air conditioning companies, that it was included in the design plans of important buildings.

In 2001 the company received the prestigious “Regional award for economic development in the Veneto area” from the Regional Chambers of Commerce Association.

At present, the company extends over 10,000 m2, with 4,000 m2 of indoor area. The executive offices, situated in an office block next to the production area, extend over 500 m2.

Stefano, Bellarmino, Eugenio and Franco would like to thank Carlo and Maria De Poli for what they have created and for their remarkable unwavering perseverance, dedication and sense of sacrifice.