Before and after sales

A before and after sales service to assist the User with products and different plant engineering methodologies.

Transport and assembly

A transport and assembly service for products, using company equipment, which includes start up.

Airect technical assistance

A direct technical assistance service, to provide routine maintenance and a quick repair service in the case of faults. A remote control service for continual monitoring and surveillance of system operation.

Aernova also promotes social activities. It sponsors cultural and sporting events and is involved in other occasions. Though this is not simply done for charity, but reflects the company’s social awareness through which it demonstrates its continual growth and ethical values. The company pays special attention to students of technical colleges, training to become heating, refrigerating and air conditioning engineers, updating them on recent methodologies and technologies used.


Competenza, professionalità, affidabilità are hallmarks of an efficient company. Aernova guarantees high quality standards by quickly and flexibly analysing requests and developing tailor-made solutions.
The company’s structure is such that it can go beyond traditional manufacturer - distributor - warehouse - end user chains - to freely create new products and anticipate market needs.

Customer requests are handled promptly with the utmost respect and flexibility, while technical assistance is guaranteed for designers, system operators and end users - with a streamlined service and the direct management of all company aspects.

After a preliminary study and planning stage, liaising with the client, the company designs and develops the best solution. This is then tested, with rigorous tests that simulate actual operating conditions and the relative certificate can be produced. With its long-standing experience, the company can produce stylish design projects, multifunctional solutions and sturdy, silent machines, built to reduce noise pollution and minimise maintenance work, with a particular focus on energy saving.

As confirmation of the market’s positive response to the company, Aernova received the “Regional award for economic development in the Veneto area” in 2001, from the Regional Chambers of Commerce Association.

Research and development

Research is vital for a company aiming for a leading role. Aernova - which has always focussed on the future - is fully committed to its objective of modernising production with innovative solutions, following and at times anticipating market needs. . Managers and technical staff are directly involved in research and innovation processes, providing not only standard products, but "made-to-measure" solutions too, designed to meet the specific needs of each customer. The company targets continuous research into innovative solutions for heating and air conditioning, to achieve ever higher standards of quality, safety and respect for the environment.


Highly efficient, flexible staff and equipment are essential for producing reliable products. Aernova continually invests in training and technical development courses for its staff. It frequently works with designers and technical trainers, as well as with training institutes. Production departments have numerical control machines so most production takes place autonomously, from metal working to the assembly of the best components available on the market. Each department is fully independent in procuring material. Warehouse supplies for semi-finished products are always wide-ranging, flexible and readily available to meet all job order requirements in real time. The use of materials and components is continually checked to ensure conformity to national and international environmental standards.

Quality control and testing

To guarantee the performance required of our products, each component manufactured by third parties or by Aernova itself undergoes careful checks. In fact, each production phase is carefully monitored, in order to maintain the highest quality standards. After the last production phase, each product is subjected to testing using sophisticated instruments and systems. Only upon passing the rigorous testing protocol, a serial number is assigned to the product and a certificate of conformity is drawn up. AERNOVA products comply with the regulations in force at the time of their manufacturing, in particular: Directive 2006/42/EC, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EC, Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EC, Legislative Decree 81, 09.04.2008 on health and safety at work, with subsequent modifications and supplements.