CHILLERS A Series air/water range 280 kW to 820 kW with Axial Fans R-134A

CHILLERS A Series air/water range 280 kW to 820 kW with Axial Fans R-134A

Standard technical/construction specifications:

The A Series units have been designed for the production of cold water for use in conditioning and process manufacturing systems (on request the units may also work with glycol water) and comprise:

  • an AISI 316 stainless steel frame, with anti-vibration plates and condensate trays, with separate compartment to protect all components;
  • aluminium alloy panels lined with insulating/soundproofing material;
  • coil protections in hail-resistant aluminium alloy;
  • electrical panel with an IP rating of 55, with phase sequence relay and door lock, control and power distribution board with microprocessor, recorded events/alarms, on board or remote terminal;
  • coils with hydrophilic fins for optimal air flow, standard operating range -10 °C / +50 °C outdoor air;
  • semi-watertight screw compressor(s) which work with HFC R-134A, HP + LP pressure gauges, liquid receivers;
  • axial electric fan(s) with brushless permanent magnets. Class “A” energy rating with low voltage integrated regulation;
  • tube bundle heat exchanger with electromagnetic-operated flow meter, safety valve, pressure gauge, air vent, water outlet standard temperature +6 °C;

Design, manufacture and testing are all carried out in-company, guaranteeing quality products.

The model is produced in six versions:

  • A: chiller without circulation pump (standard);
  • B: chiller with dual circulation pump (on request).